Wednesday, September 9, 2009

wow did that just happen?

I got home from work today knowing that I had to go on a run. I'm training for my third half marathon and let's just say that my running has been less than stellar and less than consistent. I fought the very powerful urge to curl up in my bed and take the world's most amazing nap and managed to change into my running clothing, lace up my sneakers and head out for an easy five miler.

So I'm out enjoying my run, I'm in the zone and it's great. For the first time in a while I don't feel as though ever step is a struggle. Before I know it, I make my way into Davis Square, the halfway point and I see a man with a mop of curly hair. I pass him and we make eye contact. He gives me a look and suddenly I realize.. HOLY SHIT I KNOW HIM.

Okay, remember Harry Houdini? No? Well let me refresh your memory. He's a guy I dated the summer after I graduated from college. The one who acted like my boyfriend for several months. The one who made plans with me one night, and when I called him he didn't pick up the phone and I never spoke to him again. The one whose Facebook profile I looked at and subsequently found out that he had moved to China.

Well. IT WAS HIM. Apparently not only is he NOT in China. And he may or may not be living in my neighborhood. I haven't seen him since August 2006 and now he will remember me sweaty and in running spandex. DID YOU HEAR ME? I was wearing SPANDEX. Faaaaantastic.

Five words: Wow. Did. That. Just. Happen?

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