Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pop a squat

It amuses and horrifies me that my friends turn to me when they have embarrassing pee-related stories. But, hey, it makes for good blogs! Today's guest blogger has sworn to me to absolute secrecy regarding her identity. So keep on submitting those embarrassing guest blogs, dear readers, I promise not to spill the beans on who you are unless you're brave like me and don't mind people knowing about the embarrassing crap that you do. Enjoy!

I have to tell you something that happened to me this weekend that you will be able to relate to but this is hard and embarassing ok hahahaha
me: haha go for it
PEE-nut: so i drank quite a bit on thursday night and ended up being about 85% wasted. Bob went to take a shower and locked the door. He only has one bathroom and i HAD TO PEE
PEE-nut: so im pacing the living room trying to hold it
PEE-nut: considering squatting outisde
PEE-nut: and i run into the kitchen and i just started peeing
PEE-nut: like everywhere
me: uh oh - over a rug??
PEE-nut: luckily it was only the tile and i cleaned it up and blamed the accident on the dog
PEE-nut: and i had to wash my pants
PEE-nut: do you understand that this past week i peed on the kitchen floor of the guy i'm hooking up with?
PEE-nut: just let that sink in
me: haha all in a day of the life
PEE-nut: I remember thinking "at least jessie can relate"
PEE-nut: you make my miserably embarrassing life easier to cope with
me: haha then my job here is done

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