Thursday, September 24, 2009

i want, no, i NEED this

I love all things deep fried. I try not to eat such foods all the time because 1. I'd like to keep my heart beating for another few years and 2. I'd rather not need to be loaded onto a flatbed truck to get around town. Ever since I saw a program on the Food Network about deep fried desserts I've been very curious. what does a deep-fried Twinkie taste like? I'm imagining it's something like heaven in a perfectly browned batter.

I have to say, I'm not really interested in deep fried Twinkies or pickles. It's the ever-elusive deep-fried Snickers bar that haunts me. Back when the boy and I had just met, we bonded over a love of all things food. And I can't tell you how many times we've talked about deep fried Snickers. It's definitely not normal or healthy to obsess as much as we do. Anyway, there's a chain of restaurants in my area that serves such a thing, however it's wrapped in a crispy shell, not battered and fried. I know that beggars can't be choosers, but I don't want it if it's wrapped in a crispy shell! The Snickers bar itself isn't even really deep-fried!

So, it's state fair season and I'm thinking that I may just need to make the rounds until I find one that serves my Holy Grail of fried goodies. Or, the other brilliant idea I came up with is to buy a Fry Daddy and make my own.

I'm trying to be rational and I really just can't see one flaw with this plan. How it could be anything other than amazing and delicious. Except for the fact that simply thinking about it is starting to harden my arteries and widen my ass.

I mean, just look at that fried Snickers.. could YOU resist one of those suckers??


elizabeth/jun3bug/queen_eb said...

i've never had a fried snickers - but this mexican restaurant (of all places) near me has delicious fried oreos. and i loved fried ice cream. fried snickers sound pretty bangin' as well.

Samantha said...

Oh I've seen them and have avoided temptation. Our fairs/festivals always have them and deep fried cheesecake is amazing. Perhaps buying a deep fryer would be a bad idea should you fall in love with such a tasty but bad for you dessert. ;)

Unknown said...

Elizabeth - oohhh add fried oreos to the list of things i need!

Samantha - you are a stronger woman than i to resist the allure of the deep fried snickers!

Mallory said...

I read a thing on Twitter about deep fried BUTTER. Yum, but are you kidding me!?!? haha

Unknown said...

hmm I think i might have to draw the line at deep fried butter. i don't even know how that would WORK.