Monday, September 7, 2009


I love Somerville. Every day I see at least one thing that makes me laugh hysterially or creeps me the hell out. Back at the end of March I was scared shitless while on a run. The cause? Creepy, creepy dolls that were on someone's lawn. Remember those? Well I walked by that same house today and saw that not only were they still there, but that there were some additions!

The picture on the left is from March, on the right is from today. Looks like the little nubian prince has been knighted!! What a glorious occasion. Truly. But that's not all, and this one is quite possibly the creepiest one of them all:

Seriously, what in the hell would possess someone to place such things on their lawn?? I would have taken more pictures of this gem, but the boy was quite uncomfortable with me standing on someone's lawn in broad daylight whilst snapping pictures on my cell phone. I have no idea why. Some people are so sensitive...


LindsB said...

omg, that house is creepy- stay away from that house....far, far away- who knows what goes on in there?!?

Unknown said...

i wish i could stay far, far away. it's around the block from my apartment and i regularly go past on my runs haha