Monday, September 21, 2009

bye bye dignity

Today is the day folks. The day when I finally give up that last shred of dignity. Not because I got caught whilst wearing my super sexy spanx. And not because I got drunk at my friend's wedding and decided to take a nap on a cocktail table. And it's definitely not because I drank too much at a party and ended up falling in the gutter only to wake up with bits of Parmesan cheese in my hair.

No, today I surrender my dignity because I am going to admit something --

I really like Miley Cyrus' song "Party in the USA".

THERE. I said it.

So go back to your desks and mock me for having crap taste in music. I don't care because I'm "noddin' my head like yea. movin' my hips like yea." And yes, I just quoted the song. It's a monday morning, I'm feeling a cold coming on and I'm cranky as hell. DEAL WITH IT:

1 comment:

cfoxes said...

Okay, I am with you on this. I do like this song too.