Wednesday, September 9, 2009

brb sending monies to sudan

Sorry that I missed guest blog Tuesday everyone. Work is horrendous and is going to be until September 17th at around 9:00pm, so stick with me.

Anyway, I was checking my email today I came across this really well-written, persuasive email. Reading this message really made me feel for Miss Vanda Ekowo. I mean, it's not her fault that she was driven from Sudan and is now living in a refugee camp. She needs to access the 5.4 million dollars that was left for her by her father! She needs to go back to school!! Music gives her joy and happiness!!

That leaves me only one choice -- I must contact her with all of my bank information. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a person who puts an extra space before their commas and semicolons.

BRB, sending monies to Sudan.
Hope this my mail would meet you well.

I'm Miss Vanda Ekowo, 24years old from the republic of Sudan but at present i' m in Senegal , West Africa where i'm seeking asylum due to the past events that had happened in my country(SUDAN) where many lives were lost and property raised down .

I'm now here in Senegal refugee camp where proper care is not taken , no good food, no freedom, and no way again to continue my education which is the key to my success in life since there is nothing one could do without the acquisition of knowledge despite all that my late father Dr. Hygenus Ekowo left for me($5.4 )Five million four hundred thousand dollars of which i no longer have access to them due to my refugee statues.

Why i have contacted you today is just for you to help me and take me out from the refugee camp , where i can live with you , take me to your country and let me continue my abandoned studies which my late father has told me that i must school to the highest level and as well my music which gives me joy and happiness.

Please contact me as soon as you see this my mail. You can reach me on phone when you contact the Reverend--- Rev Patrick Peter who do come and pray with us here in the camp.Here is his number---(+221763374120).When you call him, tell him you want to speak with Miss Vanda Ekowo, in Hostel B. Room 14, he would send for me. Please mail me the following information ; your full names, age, address , contact phone number and fax to enable me send to the bank a nomination letter in your name.

Dude, does this crap actually work? I can't imagine reading that and saying to myself, "Wow, I really understand this young girl's plight. I need to help her obtain the fortune that her late father left for her so that she can leave the refugee camp and go back to school!"

PS - I searched for "email scam parody" on YouTube and came up with "Hitler falls for Nigerian email scam". It's a long, probably a little bit inappropriate, but funny as hell

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Anonymous said...

one of my bosses responded to a letter similar with some of our network information. the server got a virus and we are no longer able to send outgoing messages.