Monday, August 3, 2009

who's got junk in the trunk?

I have awful luck with cars. My first car was a badass 1992 burgendy Cutlass Supreme and I lovingly named her (yes, her) the Beast. When I say burgendy I don't mean just the paint color. Everything on the inside was burgendy. EVERYTHING. The leather seats, the steering wheel, the carpet, the gear shift. God, I still love and miss that car.

Anyway, I somehow managed to lock the keys in the trunk while visiting a friend in Connecticut. That would have been fine if I'd just left it alone. But I never do, I never learn. So I decided to channel my inner MacGuyver and pick the lock. Brilliant idea, because I jammed it and broke it. When the AAA tow truck driver came he said "What the hell did you do to this?" and I could only hang my head in shame. So he had to open one of my car doors, and thankfully you could get to the trunk from the back seat. I had no access to my trunk until about a year later when my car overheated and died on the side of I-95. Good times.

Since the Beast bit it on I-95, my parents bought me a 2004 Honda Civic. It's pretty much the opposite of the Beast, is a complete priss and therefore he's (yes, he) been dubbed Beauty. The summer of 2005. I was working at a summer camp and one of my campers slammed my trunk really hard after getting out of the car. I heard something crack and after that I had to push down a little harder to get the lock to click into place. That was fine until about fifteen months ago. After making the trip from New York to Boston I had just gotten all of my belongings out of the car. I slam down the trunk and all of a sudden a little spring goes flying. That was the end of that lock. However, unlike with the Cutlass, this trunk won't CLOSE. As you can imagine, this is annoying, and a bit of a hazard.

So my trunk has been taped shut for the last fifteen monts. With classy clear packing tape. Oh, my dad also rigged a rope to the inside of the trunk and tied it to the back seat of the car. Was is annoying not to have access to my trunk? Absolutely. Enough to prompt me to get it fixed quickly? Apparently not. I can't tell you how many hissy fits I have had about that stupid trunk. Whatever, lay off me, I do things in my own time.


I came back to Queens for that surprise baby shower that I mentioned and my dad told me to go to our family friend's body shop. I went, asked for John, he took me keys and not even thirty minutes later I had a working lock on my trunk! Not only that, John managed to get all the sticky crap from the tape off. Oh! And!! He did it for free. When I asked him how much I owed him he said, in his lovely New Yawk accent, "Nuttin'. I know you since you was little. Enjoy."

I celebrated by going and spending 20 bucks on a sweet car wash. My car looked amazing, sparkly and happy.

It rained five minutes later.


Date Girl said...

Isn't that so Murphy's Law? Everytime I wash my car that happens!

Unknown said...

Seriously. Well, at least he inside of my car is still clean.