Saturday, August 22, 2009

whoops there goes my skirt

I started working in my office as a temp the day after graduation. All of my friends were out getting drunk to celebrate finishing their undergraduate education and I was sleeping in a hotel room in Cambridge with my parents. So I worked at the front desk for three months. I was in charge of general office things and that included making sure that DHL packages went out on time. We had a regular driver who came to the office once or twice a day. He and I would always say hi and make some small talk. One day I was walking to lunch. Oh, actually let me back up and explain that the square where my office is located is this ridiculous wind tunnel.

So where was I? Oh right, I was walking to lunch. It was summer and I was wearing this cute little J.Crew (obviously) skirt. I was just walking along, minding my own business, thinking about what I wanted to eat. I hear "Hiya Jess!" and look up to see the DHL driver. Just as I raise my hand to wave hello a huge gust of wind comes and blows up my skirt. And not just slightly up. Like, over my head up. Of course I can't react quickly enough and before I know if I am face to face with the DHL driver and all he can see is my Victoria's Secret underwear that has PINK prominantly displayed on the ass.

After I managed to shift my skirt from my head to covering my butt where it belongs, I got a call from my dad. It's almost as though whenever I'm embarrassed there's this sonar signal that goes out, and only my family and friends can hear it. Yes I just compared my loved ones to whales. Sorry everyone. So my dad asked me why I sounded so upset and I told him that the DHL (and several other by-standers, I'm sure) saw me as my skirt was blown over my head. His response?

"I hope you were wearing panties"

I don't know what's more embarrassing. The fact that everyone saw my underwear or that my dad used the word panties.

Does anyone get the sense that my life is about trying to quantify which event is more cripplingly embarrassing for me? Well, let's hope that doesn't stop, or I would quickly run out of blog material.

see this? this is sexy. it is also the opposite
of how i looked on that fateful afternoon.


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Beach Shack Dreams said...

Have had that happen many times to me sadly... and since I'm usually in a thong have moon most of los angeles at this point I think!