Wednesday, August 19, 2009

things make you go "ew"

Natalie sent me an article last week that was titled "Gun found on obese inmate after 5 searches". I kept reading and found myself gagging. He didn't have the gun concealed in his pants or anything like that. No, no. That would have been too simple. The gun had been hidden in his ROLLS OF FAT. Yes, you read that correctly. The gun was hidden "beneath flabs of skin". Excuse me while I vomit on my desk.

Okay, I'm back now.

How is it possible that no one discovered this after FIVE searches? In fact, the weapon was only discovered after the svelte George Vera approached a guard and admitted that he'd smuggled the weapon into the jail.

Seriously, that's not okay. And it's disgusting. If I ever get so obese that I can hide objects on my naked person, then I will know it's time to be put out of my misery.


Mrs. Match said...

Sooo gross. To get that big? On Jail food? Bet that guy stole a lot of jello...

Unknown said...

i think he may have been that fat before. either way, so gross haha