Wednesday, August 12, 2009

how do you like them apples?

I can't sleep, so instead I'll post this blog. I'm hoping that my insomnia will benefit you guys out there, because it sure it's helping me out right now. Anyway, I digress..

This is going to sound terrible, but I sort of hate Harvard. This is mostly because a Harvard law student once bit me at a friend's party. So I can't help but laugh when I come across articles about topics such as Harvard's licensing of a clothing line. Oh, and it's not just any clothing line. It's a preppy clothing line. I would expect nothing less of Haahhhvahhhd.

Photo from

First of all let's just start with a general WHAT THE FUCK?

Secondly, seriously? What's with the loafer and no socks? I would expect an Ivy League educated gentleman to know not only will this lead to mocking, but it will probably land you one hell of an awful foot fungus.

The tapered pants rolled up to expose the bare ankles in the first photo? Pure sex. And every preppy student needs a madras jacket and a swinging briefcase. I mean, you really can't learn about the history of Russian Literature without a leather briefcase. Am I right, or am I right? My only comment in regards to the picture on the right is that I HATE SHORT SLEEVED BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS. The man looks like a complete and total dweeb. There, I said it.

This quote from the article basically sums up why I feel the way I do about Harvard:
“Harvard is the ideal -- the pinnacle,” Wolf said. “When you think of modern prep, you think of New England and the Northeast. You think campus, quads, and you think Harvard.”
Can't you just see the pretentious snobbery oozing out of that quote? Don't get me wrong, the Ivies are amazing schools. I just can't deal with the holier than thou attitude. And feel free to completely disregard my opinion, as it is based on some drunk Harvard student who bit me on the shoulder at a party. So if you went to Harvard (or any other Ivy) and managed to make it through your schooling without almost infecting another person with tetanus then you're a-okay in my book.


LindsB said...

a clothing line?!? WTF is right! And that quote from Bloomberg was CLEARLY written by someone who grew up in CT, went to Choate and then was accepted early to Haaahhhvahhd because Daddy had "connections". There I said it :)

Melissa Blake said...

That's just all sorts of wrong!

C. said...

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with loafers sans socks. My dad never wears socks. I never wear socks. It's a comfort thing. As is pretty much everything concerning the "preppy" life style. Clearly, no one at Harvard read the "Offical Preppy Handbook". If they had they would know that no preppy would ever wear anything as shiny as those shoes. And they would know that really we are not a good target audience. None of us buys anything new, we all wear our grandparents sweaters that have holes in them. And not in the Urban Outfitters or JCrew way that is more as a statement but because it's comfortable. Poor form Harvard, you sold out your own kind. No better then the fakers on NYC Prep.

Unknown said...

Linds - i actually laughed out loud TWICE while reading your comment haha

Melissa - I agree

C. - we need to get those people over at harvard some copie of the "official preppy handbook" don't you think?

Monica said...


the sad part is a lot of those pieces individually are actually really nice, but..well, no.