Wednesday, August 19, 2009

dun dun

I have been obsessed with Law & Order for.. well.. as long as I can remember. It was even my ringtone for about a year. I have spent what probably amounts to months of my life watching the marathons on TNT. My favorite is the original, but I do enjoy Benson and Stabler on SVU. The only one I cannot stand is Criminal Intent, but now that Chris Noth has replaced that douchebag Vincent D'Onofrio I can watch in peace.

I have to say that I think that my extreme paranoia and fear that people are going to assault and murder me helps me identify with the show. Thank you L&O for indulging in my
irrational neuroses, very much appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

law and order is my favorite... although i'm partial to SVU (i have a minor crush on detective stabler).