Sunday, July 12, 2009

weekend wrap-up.

Sorry for bein MIA this weekend. I had a wedding to attend in Vermont. And it was all the way north, like, fifty miles form the Canadian border sort of Vermont. I knew that I was entering new territory when I saw "bear crossing" signs. Also, every radio station was either country music or some sort of sermon. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun. As soon as the pictures of me napping at the reception after drinking an entire bottle of champagne pop up, I will be sure to post some. And then this morning we all dragged our still drunk/hungover asses to our friend's parent's house and got to play with her three horses, one goat, and various chickens that were wandering around the beautiful property.

So, I've become a real fan of twitter lately. I keep my tweets private but if you'd like to follow me I will return the favor. You can find me here. And I know I keep asking for guest blogs, but no one has actually submitted any. So if you'd like to save guest blog Tuesday, do your part and send me some of your stories. You can do so by emailing me here.

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