Tuesday, July 21, 2009

water, water everywhere

Hurrah! Guest blog Tuesday has returned, well for the time being. Today's entry comes from one of my blogger friends, Date Girl. She has a fabulous blog called The Date Girl Diaries that you should all start reading reading immediately! Thanks Date Girl, for this week's submission:

Last 4th of July I was visiting my aunts and uncles in Oregon. My mother is the eldest of 5, so I have 2 aunts, 2 uncles, and they all have spouses except one. Needless to say we're a BIG family, with tons of cousins. I met up with them all, including my grandparents for a weekend of food, fun, and drinking.

On the second night of my visit I went out to karaoke with my two aunts and one of my uncles. It's a tradition that my Aunt T and I sing together. We had a blast singing and drinking the night away. I had three dirty vodka martinis on an empty stomach, before noticing that this place served Chinese food. So in my drunken state I thought ordering the orange chicken and egg rolls would be a great idea. Now, I need to point out that last year I struggled with a queasy stomach, and some IBS type symptoms. These get worse when I eat greasy food or drink too much. I'm sure you know where this is going.

So after the night of partying, we get back to my aunt's house and I pass out. I wake up to my stomach gurgling and I rush to the bathroom. I'm not going to gross you out with details, let's just say I went, a lot. Afterwards, I felt much better, and figured all was well. I then go to flush the toilet, and as I do it, I get this feeling that things are about to go horribly, horribly wrong. The toilet water isn't going down, but UP. I'm just standing there thinking, oh my god oh my god I'm going to flood the bathroom. I frantically look around for a plunger and only find a toilet brush. So I race around the bathroom picking up anything on the floor and throwing it into the bathtub, so it won't be damaged by the poo water. I find a towel and start sopping up the mess, but to my dismay the water is STILL RUNNING. I'm mortified, and I don't know how to call for help without completely embarrassing myself. I just keep hoping that the water will stop (not realizing I could just twist the valve on the back of the toilet. I was hungover ok?) and panicking more and more as the water keeps on a flowing.

There's a knock on my door and it's my aunt who's come to check on me. She said they noticed a leak in their kitchen, and that water was dripping down from the bathroom. That's when I look over and see the heating vent. Not only did I flood my aunt's bathroom (of the new house she just bought mind you) but the flood flowed down into the kitchen where my entire family was sitting down to eat breakfast.

Now another thing to point out with my family is that they are all big kidders and teasers. I've never been very good at being teased, and I knew this time would be a doosey. I stayed up in the upstairs bedroom for as long as I could. Then I gathered the dignity I could muster, packed up my bags, and went to stay with my uncle for the remainder of my trip. I still get teased about that day!


Date Girl
Obviously this is what came up when I
Google image searched "upset stomach".
Bravo, Google image.


Mrs. Match said...

I'm cringing all over again from this story. Thanks for letting me be your guest blogger.

Unknown said...

it happens to the best of us! thanks for being my guest blogger :)

E said...

Oh wow!! That would suck!!!! That sounds about like my luck though to. I would have packed and left to...... Yeah. lol