Tuesday, July 7, 2009

bathroom break, literally.

Many thanks to NATALIE for providing me with the article for today's blog. In case you were curious as to why her name is in bold caps, it's because NATALIE was afraid that I would not give her proper credit for forwarding me said article. So, as I said NATALIE, I am not a content thief. By the way, when I searched for that phrase on Google Image, I came up with this:

Yes, that would be the Hamburglar. Once again, Google Images does not disappoint.

Anyway, onto the point of today's blog. It almost counts as a guest blog because it's an embarrassing story that thankfully doesn't involve me. According to the article, which is titled Travellers' dream honeymoon goes down the toilet:

Quite how long she stayed in the toilet was unclear.

What is certain is she emerged to discover her husband had vanished without trace.

The woman, who had paid for the holiday, began a desperate search of the airport.

According to newspaper the Saudi Gazette , she grew increasingly concerned that something terrible had happened to him.

It eventually emerged that he had in fact boarded a plane.

When he arrived at his destination, he calmly told relatives his new wife was still in Malaysia.

His bride, however, was not so calm about his behaviour. She has demanded an immediate divorce.

Wow. So let me get this straight. A newlywed bride was left at Kuala Lumpur airport after the honeymoon. Why? Her husband thought that she had spent too long in the bathroom. So obviously the logical thing to do was for him to hop on a plane back to Saudi Arabia. Seriously, I've dated some huge assholes but this definitely takes the cake. I cant imagine someone leaving me in a foreign country just because I've spent too long in the toilet. And to add insult to injury, SHE PAID FOR THE WHOLE THING.

Sometimes I am just astounded by the stupidity of the male gender. Yes, I realize that it's a sweeping generalization but I'M MAKING IT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME. I can be bitter if and when I want. So there.


C. said...

Lee left me on South Beach once, I paid for the vacation and he cried when I took a plane home a day early.

Unknown said...

just add that on to the list of reasons of why i will one day light him on fire.