Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the animal game

I haven't talked much about my nanny here. Actually, I don't know if I've ever mentioned her. It's mostly because after 11 years without her, I still mourn her loss so intensely. What comforts me is knowing that my time spent with her will always stay with me as some of my best memories. It's scary that I don't remember her as clearly as I once did, so maybe writing down some of my stories will help me to hold on to that. She was, and always will be, one of the most influential people in my life and I was truly lucky to know her.

My nanny had this wonderful way of stealthily educating her grandkids. We learned about numbers by playing Mille Borne, a french mileage card game. Vocabulary from watching her play endless Scrabble games. We especially loved the Animal Game. She had this beautiful, old dark brown wooden box. Inside there were all sorts of little plastic animals. They ranged from the normal - cow, horse, lion - to the slightly less normal - emu, alpaca and ibix. The game was simple. Someone held up an animal and we would clobber each other to be the first to name the plastic figure. Doesn't seem like a very involved game, but we would play for hours. By the end there would be plastic animals scattered on all corners of the carpet from when we'd argue over whether it was a wallaby or a kangaroo.

So there was really no point to this blog entry. I was just feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to share a sweet story. No humor, no anecdotes. Just a short story about a person who still means the world to me.


Nik said...

very nice post J!

Have you ever seen "Nanny McPhee"? I love that movie! I always cry when at the wedding and when Nanny McPhee leaves!!

:-) Nik

Unknown said...

I've never seen that movie! i don't know if i want to, i'd probably cry ha