Thursday, June 4, 2009

the no pants party

This blog was inspired by this text that I saw on texts from last night:
(610): Threw my underwear in my purse as I was running away after sex last night, went to pick up my birth control prescription this morning, took out my wallet and accidentally flung my sweet thong onto the counter in front of the cashier. Think that was the universes way of telling me I am a whore.

I hate wearing pants. Ask TUR, and she'll confirm it for you. There have been many a drunken night when I've come home, stripped off my jeans and begged her to have a no pants dance party with me. She always declines and does not take very kindly to me trying to pull off her pants.

Once, I pre-gamed a little too vigorously before my senior formal and ended up in the bathroom yelling to my sorority sister from the stall "OOKAYY I'M JUST GOING TO TAKE OFF MY UNDERWEAR NOW, IS THAT OKAY? OKAY, I'M DOING IT!!" I was pretty confused the next morning when I woke up and my underwear was stuffed in my purse next to my lipgloss and debit card.

I never do it to be sexy or anything of that nature. God knows that I am the opposite of sexy. I just hate pants. End of story.

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