Monday, June 15, 2009

i've got friends in low places

I can't hide my true nature any longer. This is the Jessie that I was born to be. Trucker hat, bad teeth, and rifle in hand, ready to pound on any bitch who gets in my way. This picture was taken at Texas Roadhouse, by the way. It's a lovely establishment where you eat peanuts out of metal containers and can throw the shells right onto the floor. And I freaking love it. The ensemble is courtesy of an iPhone app, because they really do have an app for everything.

A little backstory, after Lesbiangate '09, my mom unfriended me on Facebook. She asked to be my friend once, and I declined. I told her that she couldn't handle me as a Facebook friend. A week later I got another request. I felt guilty denying her once again so I just let it sit in my inbox. After going home last weekend she asked if I was going to accept her. I laughed and said no and she got this wounded puppy dog look on her face. So I decided to once again be her facebook friend but under the condition that she could not see my pictures and therefore could not tell me that I look like a butch lesbian.

So anyway, I sign onto Facebook tonight and obviously made the above my picture. It was too awesome not to. Soon after I get a Facebook instant message from my mom saying: "those teeth are fucked up lol"

And with that, my mother has almost singlehandedly redeemed herself for calling me a lesbian.

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