Wednesday, June 3, 2009

brb going to my office

My brothers are hilarious creatures and I love them both dearly. But oh my goodness, my younger brother's spelling really chaps my ass. Once I was forced to threaten to stop talking to him until he was able to learn the correct way to use their/they're/there, it's/its and you're/your. It's a love relationship. I love him and he hates when I correct his crappy grammar.

This conversation with him occurred a little over a year ago. It was prompted by me seeing him not walk, but run, in to the bathroom carrying his open laptop. Thankfully his connection to AIM wasn't disrupted by the move so I was able to IM him.

Little Bro: you're the biggest loser
Moi: says the kid who's iming me from the bathroom
Little Bro: hey your office is in cambridge
Little Bro: mine is in here
Little Bro: capeesh!
Little Bro: lol
Moi: yeah ok nice try
Moi: and its capisce
Little Bro: listen you
Moi: if you're going to say something, spell it correctly
Little Bro: i hate you
Moi: yep i know
Moi: are you dead in there
Little Bro: almost
Little Bro: i think my computer screen melted a bit

I'm not admitting to anything, but maybe, just maybe TUR has seen me entering the bathroom with my laptop saying "heading into my office now".

Maybe it runs in the family?

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