Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the ubiquitous roommate

I try to stay away from using people's names on my blog. Mostly it's because I'm the one who decided to write about my ridiculous life, not my friends. So that's why a lot of my blogs will just say "my friend" or some variation of such. Last weekend my roommate referred to herself as "the ubiquitous roommate" when it comes to my blog, and I kind of like it. Although I may shorten it to TUR because, well, I'm lazy. This week's guest blog will not be written by TUR. She's entirely too lazy to write anything elaborate out for my blog (LOVE YOU!). So instead I'll relay two funny stories that she's recently told me.

So, a couple of weeks ago she left the house (late, of course) for a date. When he didn't show up, she decided to go to our favorite local bar. By the time I went to bed, the elusive possibly drunk TUR had not made her way home. At work the next morning I recieved a series of gchat messages that summed up her night pretty well:

ended up a) flirting with the cute bartender
b) watching a band where the guitarist apparently tours with the j. geils band
making friends with a 50 yr old divorcee who told me all about the punk scene in boston in the 80s
had way more than the 1 drink i planned on, stayed till last call, the bartender introduced himself (scott), i think he only charged me for one drink, and i left a huge tip and my phone number
woke up at 745, was at work by 830
didn't shower
i feel like crap
and had an email from the guy at 530pm last night canceling anyway b/c he had to take his sister to the airport

Fast forward to this morning. I came back to the apartment at around 7:15 this morning after a run and TUR had just gotten out of the shower and was lounging in her infamous fuzzy blue bathrobe with the moon and stars on it. Without being prompted she says:

"I met a senior citizen with a peg leg last night who had a seven page girlfriend application."

What kind of questions did it include, I know that you're truly curious. Some highlights included: "what's your favorite chemical", "what makes up a stimulus package", "have you ever fantasized about pirates". She (thankfully) did not put her real address or phone number and drew a stick figure where the picture was supposed to be attached (yes, there was a spot for that on the application). He showed her pictures on his iphone of a wall of clipboards that held all of the applications. The gentleman then told TUR that almost all of them had used real contact information and that he was going to throw a party for the potential girlfriends and use his female friends as a "reviewing committee". Twenty minutes later he came back to her and told her that he loved her answers and even though she hadn't included any contact information, that she would still make the wall of clipboards

Can I just mention how much I love TUR? When my life is boring, I can always count on her life to keep me feeling young. If I ever run out of blog material I'm going to start using her stories to pass off as my own, that's how good they are.


Julia L. said...

"Without being prompted she says" should really be, "and she VERY nonchalantly, out of nowhere, explains her evening as such:

So fantastic. Doesn't everyone want this girl around when they go out?

TUR said...

i love you too!!!!