Friday, May 1, 2009

oh rly, fox news?

Obviously there's nothing newsworthy going on in the world except for SNEAKERGATE '09. That's right, folks. Michelle Obama wore a $540 pair of shoes to do some charity work and this is apparently front page news on

I think that Fox news is pretty much a joke on even the best of days. I was stunned to read a few days ago that all the major news networks have agreed to grant Obama airtime for his 100 days speech. All the stations except for Fox. I'm sure that execs there just realized how much more important it is to watch Paula and Simon exchange witty banter than to broadcast the President's speech.

So long story short, I think that Fox news sucks. Maybe that makes me a fanatic liberal. Perhaps it just means that I have a brain. Who knows. Jury's out for the weekend on that one. I'm not going to lie though, I'd rather read about this than see one more damn article about the Swine Flu. Does that make me an evil, heartless bitch? Possibly. I can't help it. Just look at how cute those little oinkers are:

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