Sunday, May 10, 2009

mom, this one's for you

I blog often about my mom, as you all know. She may be crazy but damnit I love her. Our fights, which have become fewer as I've gotten older, often stem from the fact that we are so similar in a lot of ways. My mom is friendly, outgoing, and has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable within a matter of minutes. She also loves me and my brothers fiercely and would do just about anything for us. Yea, maybe she thinks I'm a lesbian, but what's a little spat about sexual orientation between mother and daughter?

So mom, I pray to God that you never ever read this blog. But if you do happen to come across it, please don't freak out (but hey, at least it would confirm that I am not, in fact, playing for the other team) about my escapades. I would hope that what you've gathered from this is that I love you and that you have helped make me into the woman that I am by being the amazing woman that you are.


Elizabeth said...

so sweet. and y'all are identical!

Unknown said...

thanks :) and really, i think i look more like my dad in a lot of pictures. i take it as an awesome compliment when you say that i look like my mom. she's freaking gorgeous.