Thursday, May 21, 2009

hump it out

Here are a few gems from one of my favorite new blogs: texts from last night. I am waiting for the next series of epic texts message that I exchange with someone. Once that happens you better be damn sure that I'm going to submit it!

(312): dude, your ex-bf is on
(847): details on that.
(312): well, his profile doesn't say anything about herpes.

(586): Look at my ENTIRE past
(586): Highly public sexual behavior gross mismanagement of funds socially unaccpetable and radical speech and thought
(586): Might as well have a blog about it at this point

(360): i guess it's bad bediquette to quote the kool aid man
(206): ?
(360): he said oh yeah and i responded with OHH YEAHHHHH!

(515): Me= Watching Ferngully. My neighbor= Having really loud sex including multiple orgasms
(712): Oh God
(515): I know, but the worst part is I'm not really sure which I'd rather be doing. Feel free to re-evaluate our friendship

Also, my friend sent me an email with tons of hilarious pictures (one of which I included in this blog entry). They're all equally funny but these seemed to call to me today:

Okay, you can carry on with your day now.


Anonymous said...

haha those texts are pretty funny.. are the #'s area codes? if so one of them came from an area I know sortof near me. lol

Unknown said...

Yep, the numbers are the area codes!