Sunday, May 24, 2009


So the bartender at my neighborhood bar thinks I'm a hateful bitch. Why? Maybe because I sat there making a "hate list" on the back of some coasters? No big deal. In my defense, some of these things are legitimate issues. I mean, the Pillsbury Dough Boy is a creepy mofo, the Beacon Hill Pub does suck beyond words, and if I date one more guy who lives at home then I am going to scream. I can't help it if a man who sweats profusely or has a chin strap grosses me out. None of the things on this list are necessarily deal breakers, I suppose it's not really in someone's power to control how much chest hair they have, but damnit they don't have to wear v-necks and flaunt their bewhiskered selves to the world?!

And just to show you, once again, how inherently different TUR and I are, I present to you our lists:

Please look at how the drunkface spelled #4. I wonder if statitstics is the same as statistics? Things that make you go hmm..

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