Thursday, May 7, 2009

crystal light FAIL.

So yesterday afternoon I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business and drinking some Crystal Light (peach iced tea, my favorite). I take a huge gulp and suddenly start to choke. I quickly realize that my options are to a) spit an entire mouthful of iced tea onto my desk and keyboard or b) try to swallow without dying. I decide that choking to death is probably a better idea than potentially destroying my work laptop. I doubt that the warranty covers "faulty gag reflex" damages.

So since spitting it out isn't an option I have to figure out how to swallow this huge mouthful of iced tea without dying. I can only imagine the sounds that are coming from me as I'm attempting this. Meanwhile my office-mate is just sort of staring at me. She doesn't seem worried that I'm going to die, which is a good sign? This continues on for about a minute, I think, and finally I manage to swallow the rest of my damned iced tea. I'm still coughing a lot but at least I can breathe again. My coworker comes in from down the hall, looking frantic, and says "OH MY GOD ARE YOU BREATHING?!" I must have been quite the sight, coughing profusely, eyes tearing and face like a tomato, but yes, I was breathing. We all had a laugh over how I almost choked to death (har har) and went about our business.

About five minutes later another coworker comes in, asks if I'm okay (uhh slightly delayed) and tells me that my coughing sounded like his mother.

Who is in a nursing home.

Wow, guess that thole "turning into an old lady" thing is happening way more quickly than I had anticipated.


teague said...

hilarious, but in a not-so-funny kinda way! lol! you're awesome! any lasting ill effects? bruise to the esophogus, by chance? lol!
take care, & BE CAREFUL! lol lol lol!

Anonymous said...

ROFL. Sorry for your pain, but still . . . it was a well written post and funny as hell.

Unknown said...

haha thanks guys. i've made a full recovery and glad that you found my story amusing. i'll be more careful whilst drinking iced tea from now on!