Thursday, April 2, 2009

what the hell?

I don't know why, but I always have incredibly weird dreams. Once I dreamed that I was again living in the dorm. My dad and my freshman year roommate chased me around, Mission Impossible style, trying to incapacitate/kill me with tasers and water guns that were actually pistols. However, I don't generally have so many weird dreams in a short period of time. Well that is until recently..

Two weeks ago I had a dream that my parents killed my little brother and pretended he had never existed. When I found out about this (what a little sleuth I am, even in the dream world), he then tried to kill me. When I woke up from my dream I was all, "what the FUCK?!" Then of course there was that whole amusing conversation with my mother about it.

Last week I had a dream that one of my very good friends died. I spent most of my dream distraught and crying. And then, suddenly I started getting text messages from HER. Apparently the afterlife includes unlimited texting.

Then this past Sunday while I was taking a nap, I had a dream that I was on the Real Housewives of New York and everyone hated me. That would have been fine, if the other part of the dream hadn't involved an orgy that they were trying to get me to join. When I wouldnt, they threatened to kill me. Again, can i get a what the FUCK?!

And then last night I had a dream that I was in Eastern Europe with some of my friends. Sounds harmless, right? Not so much. In my dream my friends conspired with some assassins to try to kill me. So i was being chased around non-descript Eastern Europe, fearing for my life. And then suddenly, I was sitting in a cafe drinking coffee. Even when I'm about to be murdered, I always need to get my caffeine fix.

I have no idea what my dreams are trying to tell me. Maybe it's that I'm afraid of my friends and family killing me? Or that I'm addicted to texting and coffee? Man, I think I have issues.

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