Sunday, April 26, 2009

thank you, universe.

I'm such a huge believer in karma. I love the idea that you get back what you put out into the universe. because it makes me feel better when my life is complete shit or when someone royally screws me over.

I have this ex whom I met via I don't want to spend any energy coming up with a witty code name, so let's just call him The Douche. Sweet, simple and to the point. Anyway, we went on our first date in the beginning of December 2007 and I think it was on our third date when The Douche expressed his desire to be my boyfriend. I was wary of this and him, as he had just come off a two year relationship. However, he was insistent and very good at convincing me that he was ready to start something new, to put the past behind him.

One day, towards the end of January 2008, The Douche and I spent the afternoon at the Museum of Science and we happened to cross paths with his ex-girlfriend. The next day he broke up with me, saying that he needed time to "be on his own and figure things out". Convenient, no? Oh, and The Douche also shed a few tears while he was breaking up with me. About a week later he imed me to say "GOOOODBYE FOREVERRRR" (no, he seriously did), unfriended me on Facebook and changed his default picture to one of him and his ex - who was apparently no longer his ex. Also convenient, don't you think?

I don't have many regrets in life. I generally think that they're pretty useless. I try to take lessons from failed relationships (both romantic and otherwise) in my life, so as to not make the same mistakes twice. However, I can honestly say that I regret dating The Douche. This clingy, insecure, and emotionally needy boy made me question my instincts. And that's not okay with me.

So, I sign into my okcupid account on Friday afternoon and I'm looking on the main page where they show you recently updated profiles. I look at one picture and I very quickly realize that The Douche is on there! The most amazing part? His username: NOSTRINGS.

That, my friends, is karma.

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