Friday, April 10, 2009

spring forward

I love spring. It's partially because winter in New England is so cold and miserable. I love that I can run outside without risking frostbite. People are (slightly) less rude and bitter once the cold departs. And my spring wardrobe is a hell of a lot cuter than its winter counterpart. Mostly I love spring because of the candy. I. Love. Easter. Candy. It's a happy day when Cadbury eggs and Peeps make their way into stores. Thankfully it's been happening earlier and earlier. I think the first sighting was sometime in early March this year. However, I'm what you call a Peep purist. I get irrationally angry I see pink Peeps in the shape of bunnies. That's not what they're supposed to look like!! It's just.. unnatural.

Okay, okay. I have to stop talking about it before I get myself all riled up. Here are a couple of my favorite Easter-time commercials:

Does anyone else remember this from the 80's. A clucking bunny?
Really? Whatever, I still love it.

Can we talk about the sublime combination that is chocolate + peanut butter?
Thank you God. That's all I've got to say.

Can we discuss for just a moment how totally 80's creeptastic this commercial is?

So tomorrow I will head back to my parent's house in Queens for Easter. I'm very much looking forward to seeing my family. It's not like the family gatherings of the past when more often than not I would end up locking myself in the bathroom, hysterically crying, and saying that I wished I were dead. We've al settled into the pattern of eat, gossip, eat, nap, eat more.

So happy Cadbury/Peep season everyone! And for those of you who are you know, actually celebrating... Happy Easter and Passover!!

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Natalie said...

peep purism love!