Wednesday, April 29, 2009

she blinded me with science

I am irrationally angry right now. In fact, I have been all day. First of all, I couldn't sleep last night. And second of all, I had a nightmare that I was in some sort of a work camp in the desert and they kept telling me that I had to plan an entire event for three dollars or I'd get beaten. I think that's a sign that my job has been stressing me out lately. And that I'm dealing with a lot of stupid people while at said job.

What's really been bothering me all day is that I can't find my eyeglasses. My pair that I got two years ago was stolen last July when my apartment was robbed, and my mom was nice enough to buy me a replacement pair. So that pair is currently missing. Maybe my room ate them. Maybe they dropped out of my bag onto the street. Maybe the crazy lady from the T last week decided to take them and beat me with them. Maybe a little gnome has really poor vision in one eye and stole them, who knows? And since it's been over a year since my last eye exam, in order to get a new pair, I have to go back to the doctor.

The only good part of this is that my eye doctor is pretty damn good looking so I guess it's not such a huge punishment to have to make another appointment. Last year I made the mistake of showing up to my appointment wearing sweatpants, an Old Navy tank top, and my hair was a hot mess. When he walked into the examination room I immediately regretted not having at least run a brush through my crazy hair. I had to come back the next week to pick up my prescription and you better believe that I wasn't wearing sweatpants this time.

When I got home from the follow-up appointment, I called my mom and casually mention my exam, and how my doctor was pretty good looking. Then I was complaining to her about how much eyeglasses cost and asked her opinion. She thought for a moment before replying:

"So did you find out if he's married?"

This is pretty sums up how I'm feeling right now, except slightly less green:

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