Saturday, April 4, 2009

not so smaht kid

I once met a Harvard law student at my coworker's party. I notice right off that bat that he is really, really drunk. And my friends and I are incredibly amused by his incoherent ramblings. He suggests that we start a card game. So me, DHLS (drunk Harvard Law student), and my three friends decide to play Kings. I mean, we may be "adults" but you know we still enjoy our drinking games. We're playing Kings and all of a sudden I feel something in the nook of my arm. It's DHLS and he is nuzzling me. I mean, it's not what I expected, but he's not hurting anyone. I am trying my best to lean away from him and laugh it off. So he's snuggling me and everyone thinks it's hilarious until all of a sudden... OW. What? He bit me. The fucker bit me on the shoulder. Hard.

So what do you do when a random stranger at a party bites you? Other than curse profusely, of course. I run to find my friend/coworker and instantly scream "Your. Friend. Just. Bit. Me." He is absolutely horrified and has no idea what to say. He asks if I'm was okay and if he needed to do anything and I'm all "NO I'M FINE BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?!"

So now I have an irrational fear of Harvard Law students. What's that phrase? One rotten apple spoils the bunch. So, I apologize if any of you are actually Harvard Law students who do not drunkenly bite people at parties, this dude just ruined it for you.

And while we're on the subject of biting, I couldn't resist:


Anonymous said...

i literally laughed out loud at this... hahahaha... ohhhh that story made my night.

Unknown said...

It is a story that will pretty much always be ridiculous and hilarious!