Wednesday, April 8, 2009

more pearls of wisdom

I have about three friends who live in the five boroughs, so I spend a lot of time with my mom when I'm at my parent's house. This is fine with me, since I'm not home very often. I don't mind laying around, going on walks with my mom or watching HBO since I'm too cheap to pay for it in my own apartment. So anyway, around Easter time last year, I'm laying on the living room couch, re-reading one of the Twilight books (do not judge, lest ye be judged for your own subpar literature taste!) and she comes and sits down next to me. She has this serious look on her face and for a second I'm worried. That is until she opens her mouth --

"I think that you should get a bikini wax. I mean, men like it when you're clean... down there."

I don't have a response for her because, well, would you? I mean, what do you say when your mom basically tells you that she thinks you're single because you haven't recently gotten a bikini wax?

Nothing. You say nothing and accept the free wax and never speak of it again.


LindsB said...

I'm dying about the bikini wax part- but I'm reading the Twilight books now, I know i'm late on the game, but I am totally, completely, 100% obsessed with Edward Cullen- to the point that I look out my office window and wish he was in this Volvo waiting for me. Sick, I know- but hes just so damn hot!

Unknown said...

I am 25 years old and I am proud to say that i am a TEAM JACOB girl!

Andrea said...