Saturday, April 11, 2009

going to china, brb.

Some of my best work my senior year of college was done not in the classroom, but in Our House (a bar) in Allston. I lived with three of my good friends and we put more energy into drinking than we did our classes (wouldn't you?). One very drunk night I met a boy, let's call him Harry Houdini, and somehow he thought that my drunk ramblings were endearing.

I invited him back to my apartment to hang out with me and my roommates because 2am was just too early to stop drinking. He ended up sleeping over (nothing happened, scout's honor!) and in the morning I awoke to find the other side of the bed empty. Alas! Mr. Houdini had left a note that said "Hey, I had such a great time last night. Sorry I won't be there when you wake up, but it was so hot that I couldn't sleep and I didn't want you to wake up to me staring at you like a creep. I will call you today."

Weirdly enough, he did call. And he seemed interested in getting to know me. We went to dinner, and the movies, held hands, cuddled and had some sleepovers. I believe that this is what normal people call "dating". This is a weird ritual to me, as most of the guys I meet always try the "I'm going to try to sleep with you and never call again" approach. This lasted for a couple of months. One day Harry and I had made plans to hang out after I returned from a Counting Crows concert. I called him several times on my way back and he didn't pick up. He never returned my calls. Ever. I never saw him again.

I was doing some facebook profile jumping today and came across none other but Harry Houdini. Okay maybe I didn't just "come across" his profile. Maybe I entered his name into the search field and sought out his profile. The details are irrelevent. Anyway, apparently I drove him out of not only the Greater Boston area, but from the entire continent. He is now living in China.

And now I know why I never ran into him at the bar.


Anonymous said...

I drove someone out of NY and into NC, apparently, so you're not alone. Even if it isn't China.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's weird.

Andrea said... goodness..what a guy

Elizabeth said...

i wonder if senor galapagos went with