Thursday, April 9, 2009

et tu daddy?

So I've spent a fair amount of time discussing my crazy and totally loving mother. I haven't really talked about my dad. This is probably because he's usually is the normal one. The rational one. My sanity anchor in the insanity that is my life. So imagine my surprise last night when a comment came out of his mouth that could have been said word-for-word by my mother. We were discussing the running group that I'm a part of. The conversation went as follows:

Dad: So why is it a women's only running group?
Me: I don't know.. it just is?
Dad: Why don't you join a co-ed running club so you can meet some people.
Me: I am meeting people, the girls are really nice.
Dad: But they're girls. If you joined a co-ed one then maybe you could meet someone of the male persuasion and.. you know.. date.

It's true. After 31 years of marriage my mother has finally broken him. Not only am I slowly becoming my mother, apparently my dad is too. Eventually my whole family is going to turn into curly haired, loud laughing crazies who just MUST marry off every female in sight. Simiar to Mr. Smith in the Matrix, but creepier.

I fear we are all doomed.


Natalie said...

i fear the day our mothers meet. my dad is being *~influenced*~ to become my mother as well...their forces combined would be very powerful haha

Unknown said...

I think that the universe would just implode as soon as they came within a block of each ot her.

Wendy Banner said...

That's hilarious! :)