Friday, March 13, 2009

thanks mom!

My mother thinks that I'm a prude. Normally this would be fine, even preferred because I don't know any woman who would say "Man, I hope my mom thinks I'm a whore." But, my mother thinks I'm a prude because I am constantly disgusted by the conversations between and her friends have. They are dirty, dirty conversations, and I see no reason to associate my mother with those activities. I don't think this makes me unreasonable, I think it just makes me normal. My mother, however, keeps telling me to "loosen up." For the record, the double entendre is NOT appreciated.

One day I walked by my parent's room and see them tickling each other and laughing. I jokingly say "Ew. Gross. Please stop." My mom turns to me and replies "God Jessie, we were just horsing around. It's not like i told him to drop his pants so I could give him a blowjob."

If I ever go into therapy, this will undoubtedly be the reason why. Thanks mom!


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