Sunday, March 8, 2009

snow day gone wrong

It's 56 degrees here in Boston today. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go on a run out in Cambridge and I'm pretty excited not to be wearing a minimum of five layers. However, it's only early March, and we'll probably get another blizzard next week. The most recent storm reminded me of why I hate the winter. It's not just because I hate shoveling out my car, or that the plow always piles the snow behind my and my roommate's parking spots. It's not because the snow goes from pristine white to different shades of yellow and grey within minutes.

Well, now that I think about it, it's partially because of those reasons. But it's mostly because of something that happened when I was 11 years old. The blizzard of '96 has just dumped over two feet of snow all throughout the tri-state area. It was a snow day, the two most amazing words to any child. My friends and I decide to do some shoveling around the neighborhood. I would make some cash and it'd get me out of the house so I wouldn't annoy me mom. Everyone is a winner here. We spend hours and hours shoveling and make a pretty decent amount of money. After a hard day's work I start the journey back to my house. I'm about five blocks away and realize.. oh my god, I have to pee. Five blocks isn't a terribly far distance to go, but when there's over two feet of snow and you're in a snowsuit, it makes things a little difficult.

I decide that the only thing to do is just run. Run as fast as my snowsuit and the snow banks will allow. Which, as it turns out, is not very fast at all. By the time I get to my front door I was pretty much crying in pain. I reach into my pocket and my keys are not there. Shit. I ring the bell and no one answers. Shit, shit. I run to the side of my house and decide that I have no choice, I have to pee in the backyard. I try to get my snowsuit off, and the zipper is stuck. Shit, shit, shit.

I run back to the front of the house and just as my mom drives up to the house, my bladder decides it's done waiting and I pee in my snowsuit.

And that is why I hate winter.


Anonymous said...

lol awwww man

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. better your snowsuit than my bed. just saying.

Anonymous said...

haahahahahahaha oh jessie i love your stories.

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Oh my lawd. I am laughing because this is such an unfortunate situation... but I truly do feel bad for the 11-year old you. What a horrible feeling to be trapped and having to pee like that!!