Tuesday, March 3, 2009

return of the sith - i mean spanx.

I have this theory about why Tuesdays are the worst day of the week. Monday, you're still riding high from the weekend. Wednesday is hump day - halfway there! Thursday you're so close to the end of the work week that you can almost taste it. Friday is amazing because you don't have to set foot in the office for another couple of days. Saturday and Sunday are pretty self explanatory. Then there's the bastard child that is Tuesday. Too far from the previous weekend to give you the warm fuzzies, and not close enough to the next to make life bearable. I hate Tuesdays, and today is no different. This is mostly because our staff meetings are on Tuesdays. First of all, let me say that I really, truly believe that staff meetings were created simply to torture employees. During mine, I felt myself wishing that I could be doing something more fun. You know, something like having every hair on my body plucked one at a time.

Anyway, remember this blog entry about the unfortunate night where my Spanx were revealed to my date during a make-out session? Well that was awesome and not embarrassing at all. Nope, not even a little bit. Unfortunately, that was not the first time that my sexy choice in undergarments has been revealed..

About 8 months or so prior to Spanxgate '08, I was getting ready for work after a sleepover that I'd had with my then-boyfriend. He was in the shower as I was in my room trying to get dressed. I say trying because I try on no less than ten outfits on most mornings before giving up and wearing the first thing that I'd pulled from my closet. Just as I'm leaning over to put on my skirt he comes barreling through the door. And I am wearing a bra, heels, and of course, these:
He just sort of stared at me and said "What are THOSE?" I fail at sexy, I really do. After that, Smart Jessie would have banished them from her wardrobe, but Vain/Old Lady Jessie really likes the way that Spanx make her look! Let's just say that Old Lady Jessie has prevailed, and probably always will.

Hey E. Hucko - This is for you:


Natalie said...

spanx are an awesome invention. i have some sexy ones that really hug the whole body.

Unknown said...

I think that sexy to us and sexy to guys are two completely different things. ;)

Elizabeth said...

yesss a shoutout! and to think, i used to hate LOLcats. spanx, on the other hand, i have always loved.