Friday, March 6, 2009

¿que pasa?

Most days, I really love my job and the people I work with. I mean, we have to like what we do, otherwise there's no way we'd spend 8+ hours a day locked in that poorly ventilated, hot-in-the-summer, freezing-in-the-winter office that sometimes has brown water in the toilets. However, sometimes the people in my office are just, for lack of a better word, absurd. Prior to becoming a snazzy Events Coordinator, I spent two years as a lowly Administrative Assistant. One day, I was helping a coworker set up the online registration website for an event she was planning in Mexico. My phone rings and she asks me to come in to her office to help her with the menu. This is weird to me, as she is fluent in Spanish and has planned more than enough events to know how to pick a menu. I walk into her office and the conversation goes like this:

(by the way CC = crazy coworker)

CC: I need your help translating this menu for me
Me: Uh..Well, I only took a year of Spanish in middle school. But I took five years of french and almost three of Italian...
CC: Damn, I was really counting on your native tongue
Me: My native tongue...?

(she starts getting pretty irritated with me at this point)

CC: Ugh. Spanish. I mean, you ARE half Puerto Rican.
Me: Wait, what? My "native tongue" is English. I am Italian and Russian
CC: NO! Your mother is from Puerto Rico. She taught you Spanish didn't she?
Me: I'm really sorry, but my mom is from Jackson Heights, Queens.

Maybe she thought that because I wear these earrings to work every day?

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Anonymous said...

¡Ay caramba! People really are nuts, aren't they?