Thursday, March 5, 2009

oh peter gabriel.

I first remember listening to Peter Gabriel when I was a kid. I have a strong memory of being in my dad's Corvette, top off, and just driving on the Long Island Expressway. I love all of his songs - Sledgehammer, Red Rain, Don't Give Up, Salsbury Hill, I Grieve, and especially In Your Eyes. However, it wasn't until college when I first watched Say Anything that my love for Peter (yes, we're on a first name basis) really solidified. The stupid, I mean eternal, no actually I mean stupid romantic in me wanted a boy to stand under my window blasting In Your Eyes in order to proclaim his undying love for me a la Lloyd Dobler. I would absolutely, without a doubt put out for anyone who did that for me. Wait, do they even sell boom boxes anymore? Anyway, I digress..

Shortly after watching the movie I came across Peter Gabriel's "Hit" on sale at Newbury Comics. And it was on sale. It was fate, I tell you. Kismet, if you will. I listened to the CD incessantly to the point where I thought my roommate might actually maul me with a sledgehammer if I dared to play the song one more time. So imagine my sadness when, while home on a break, my younger brother rolled a chair over disc 1. While I loved almost all of the songs, everyone knows that the best songs are always on the first disc. Always!

That happened four years ago and I still complain about it. So today I finally decided that enough was enough and damnit, I wanted to be able to listen to disc 1 again. So I sucked it up and bought it on Itunes. Hey, at least I don't have to worry about anyone backing over a cd with a chair! And let me tell you, it's even better than I remember. I love ya Peter!

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C. said...

Maybe someone will hold their iPod over their head and play In Your Eyes outside your bedroom window for you... Although you will have to listen very closely to hear it and the iPod might not have the same visual effect as the boom box and you should probably be more scared then turned on by someone standing outside your ground floor bedroom window in Somerville. But you get the idea. And is't it the thought that counts?