Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I spent my childhood summers at a bungalow colony in the Catskills. If you don't know what that is, think of Dirty Dancing. Every June, after school let out, I'd pack up and ship out with my family until Labor Day. God, I loved it. Days were spent in the blistering sun playing kickball, newcomb and dodgeball. But, then there were the day trips. And they were amazing. There was the trip to the water park, movie theaters on rainy days and the best of them all - the Orange County Fair!

This story takes place when I'm around 12 years old. After being too scared to try most of the more frightening rides in previous years, I decide that this year I am going to try everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. When we arrive the first thing we do is eat, of course. Instead of eating the lunch that my mom had packed, I decide to go for something a little more nutritious - funnel cake. A lot of funnel cake. I stick to my vow to try out every ride. I rode the roller coaster, the Zipper, the Gravitron, and the Kamikaze, to name a few. It's not until I'm on the Music Express that I start to feel slightly... off. The ride ends and I jet off to the grass where my stomach proceeds to reject the funnel cake. Every single morsel of it, it seems.

I'm guess I'm pretty pitiful when I throw up, so my counselors sit with me in the shade for a while until I stop throwing up. Lucky them! Soon after it's decided that I'm well enough to go into the House of Mirrors. The downstairs has a ton of glass walls that you navigate in order to get upstairs to the wacky mirrors. Of course I get distracted and am separated from my counselors so I rush back downstairs. When I see everyone outside waving at me to hurry up, I'm pretty impressed with myself at how quickly I'm maneuvering through this funhouse. It's smooth sailing from here and I run towards the exit.

The next thing I remember is being dragged out of the house of mirrors. Why do you ask? Because that exit that I thought I had seen? Not the exit. Glass. I slammed into it at full force, fell, and lost consciousness.

Never really loved the Orange County Fair after that.

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Anonymous said...

lol that is funny...we have the Orange County Fair here in California at my college. My brain is so logged that Orange County is a CA county I forget there's other Orange County's out there lol.