Saturday, February 21, 2009

quarter life crisis?

My mother's facebook status (yes, she is on facebook) is: "Joanne is remembering her labor pains, 25 yrs. ago her baby girl was born." The funny part is not that my mother is on Facebook, although it's quite amusing to hear her tell me that she's been appointed the vice-president of a group. What's funny is that her friends are all commenting on her status to wish me a happy birthday before any of my friends have even gotten a chance to do so. So I wrote on her wall apologizing for the labor pains and telling her that I loved her, obviously.

In the past, my birthday has always been one of my favorite days of the year. I love the happy birthday calls and texts, and I love that my mom sends me at least two birthday cards, one serious and one funny. But this year, I'm a bit... ambivalent? I don't think that I could adequately express how I'm feeling in words. So instead I found this YouTube video that does a good job of doing so:


LindsB said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I did have a great birthday :) Much less eventful than last weekend, thankfully!