Tuesday, February 10, 2009

it's a small world after all.

Another date brought to you by OKCupid and the letter A for awkward. We'll call this one Diesel, in honor of the coffee shop where we met.

When I first see him, I can't help but have this nagging feeling that he looks a little familiar. But there's no way that I'd ever met him before, right? Right. Over our lattes, Diesel and I partake in the prerequisite first date questions. We get to the "where do you work" portion of the evening. When I tell him, he casually says that his sister works there too. It's a pretty big university and everyone seems to know someone who works there. I always get the "Do you know my roommate's cousin's brother's babysitter's hairstylist? She works there too!" No, the answer has always been no. Except this time I do know her. And she works in my office.

Apparently the reason why Diesel looked familiar is probably due to the fact that his sister is the first person I see every morning when I walk into the office. And there's definitely a strong family resemblance. Note to self: never ignore a gut feeling ever again, ok? For the rest of the date I'm just imagining Diesel morphing into his sister and then back to himself. It was almost like being in the Michael Jackson "Black or White" video where all the faces keep changing, except way creepier.

This is the sort of absurd thing that really only happens to me. I mean, millions of people in the greater Boston area and I'm on a date with someone I met online who is related to a co-worker. But, on the sliding scale of embarrassing things that have happened in my life, it's certainly not the worst. That is, until Diesel says "Ha, I can't wait to call my sister and tell her about this when I get home!" Merde.

The next morning, I'm trying to figure out how to avoid seeing this particular co-worker. But, the placement of her desk directly in front of the entrance to the suite makes it pretty much impossible. Also, to get to the bathroom, the kitchen, the copy machine or anywhere else useful in the office, I have to walk in front of her desk. I vow to myself never to drink another cup of coffee or go to the bathroom while I'm at work ever again. This lasts until about 9:36 am.

Miraculously, I manage to avoid her for most of the day. That is, until she comes into the kitchen as I'm getting my 3:00 cup of coffee. I bite the bullet and say, "So, you probably know that I met your brother last night!" She looked really confused and said "Oh, at improv?" At this point I realized that I have just completely thrown myself under the bus. She had no idea! The bastard hadn't told her! There was no turning back and I had to say "Uhhh.. no. At a coffee shop.. we met on OkCupid." She looked at me for a few seconds and just replied "Ohh...kayy" and backed out of the kitchen.

To this day we both try to avoid making direct eye contact with one another.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jesse. What are the chances. :)