Thursday, February 12, 2009

my awkward youth

I was a pretty awkward pre-teen. A little chubby, I desperately wanted to feel grown up and pretty. Obviously this meant wearing things like lime green bell bottoms to a friend's 12th birthday party and ADIDAS-striped leggings with a huge over-sized sweatshirt. I made small progress when, in sixth grade, my mom finally relented and allowed me to get contact lenses. Somehow that didn't seem to help my cause with the middle school boys. Some girls just had all the luck in middle school. And by all the luck, I mean boobs. They had boobs.

I experienced my first real crush when I was around 12 or 13. We were friends and I proclaimed to my mother that i was in love with him, and that she just couldn't understand what it was like. I tried my best to play it cool with him, but subtlety wasn't (and still isn't) my "thing". However, a part of was convinced that he loved me back, especially since on the morning of our eighth grade graduation, he told me that I looked pretty. I thank Dr. Miller, my ridiculously creepy orthodontist, and God for making that beautiful moment possible.

That elation was short lived, though. A little Cinderella-esqe even? My pre-teen affections were unrequited, and one day he actually looked at me and said "Hey, why can't you be hot like your mom?"

Seriously? Fail.


Elliott said...

Forgive me for delighting in your pain, but you have to admit, it does make a pretty good anecdote now that you've come into your own.

And to be fair, you did invite us to read it...

Unknown said...

delight away elliott! that's a huge part of why i write. and agreed, it does make one hell of a story now. it helps that i'm not nearly as awkward as i once was!