Monday, February 16, 2009

a blanket with sleeves!

I survived my birthday celebration in Montreal, just barely. I'll post this week about my spectacular Saturday night performance where I latched onto a pole as my friends tried to get me into a cab, fell out of said cab, wiped out as I got out of the elevator, yelled to my friends "NOW I REALLY HATE YOU." and then threw my shoes at them. I am a beautiful, graceful creature. And I am also very lucky that my friends love me enough when I'm sober to deal when me when I've had way too much to drink. Let's just say that drunk Jessie was not pretty on Saturday night. The entirety of Sunday was very VERY painful. But like I said, more about that in a different post.

One of my very good friends and I always get each other the most random of birthday gifts. Some of the gifts we've exchanged have included The Last Unicorn pins, Schoolhouse Rocks on DVD, a board game from a sex shop and an engraved flask. I'd like to discuss the most amazing birthday present in the history of birthday presents. Yes, you guessed it. I got a SNUGGIE. And not only that, it came with this epic itty bitty booklight. I am currently sitting on my couch, watching The Wedding Date, and typing this blog all under the fleecy comfort of my snuggie. Never again do i have to expose my arms to the harsh elements of my living room.

Now all I need in life to be completely happy is the Slider Station and a Team Jacob t-shirt. Who knows, it is six days until my actual birthday, I could get lucky!

few things in life have made me this happy.

oh you know, just hangin' with my snuggie.


Anonymous said...

LOL you look just like the people in the commercial!!

Julia L. said...

You look like a wizard, actually. Jessie, wizard of love.