Monday, April 14, 2014

life would be perfect if every day involved an 80's dance party (aka Team LUNA Chix summit recap)

The last few weeks have been insane. My first round of travel to California was for a work trip. I had a week at home before turning around and flying back to the West Coast for LUNA Summit. This was my fourth time at summit (see my 2012 and 2013 posts) and it was another incredible experience. It also didn't hurt that, unlike last year, I did not have a raging sinus infection.

Ashley and I took an early flight on Thursday morning and arrived in San Francisco just before noon. We made our way to our hotel in Berkeley and grabbed some lunch with Melissa, a fellow Chix from Austin. I had reconnected with a sorority sister of mine who lives in the Berkeley area and runs outdoor classes called Lift & Sprint with her husband. I was so excited to see her, and to take the class, that I didn't even mind that I had to sit in the back of the truck on top of sandbags to get to the park where we'd be working out. The class was phenomenal - and challenging! According to the website, it's an outdoor training fitness club for the East Bay. They have classes in three different parks in the area (Berkeley, Kensington, and Emeryville Marina) and offer a free one week trial. If you live in the area, I highly recommend that you give it a shot. You will not regret it! Here's the link again:

Most of Friday was spent in leader training. We were able to talk about LUNA marketing, branding, and to eat some really delicious food. After sitting down for most of the day, we were able to get in a short run from corporate back to the hotel. Of course it managed to pour for the 30 minutes we were outside. I didn't even care because I was so happy to give my body a chance to move (despite being so, so sore from Lift & Sprint!). Friday evening was the welcome reception and it just happened to be an 80's theme. I wasn't sure if people would dress up but OH THEY DID. And the room was decorated perfectly - there were Slinkies, and snap bracelets and Twinkies, oh my! It was ridiculously fun, and the perfect way to kick off Summit.

FYI I was wearing purple Relay crops from Athleta and a bedazzled Old Navy sweatshirt. Someone at the event commented on how I shouldn't have gone out to buy an 80's outfit and I was all "I wear each of these articles of clothing all the time? I wore this sweatshirt to work the other day!". I suppose I really am just an 80's baby at heart. 

Saturday's main activity for the runners was a track workout lead by former LUNA Pro-Team member, Terra Castro. In years past we've done various kinds of track workouts, and they've all been good. What made this great was that the goal was to teach US how to teach our runners how to do a track workout. We broke into groups and each led a different part of the activity, from warm-up, to run, to cool down and everything in-between. I found it to be a very beneficial because I've never really thought of myself as a coach for the weekly LUNA runs. And I am! As are the nine other wonderful women who are on the team. I took away some great lessons from this workout, that's for sure.

In the evening there was dinner and a program, and Ashley and I were asked to speak about the Boston Marathon bombings and their impact on the city and its runners. I was reaaaally nervous. As much as I am an outgoing and (very) loud person, public speaking is not my thing and I pretty much wanted to vomit the entire time I was up there. Luckily we spoke first and I was able to relax when women from other teams talked about notable events from 2013.

I was very sad to see Sunday morning come, it all happened too quickly! There were three run distances offered, 4, 6, and 10 - and I opted for the 6. I'd been fighting a lingering cold, my hamstrings were sore from Lift & Sculpt, and all of my travel had started to catch up with me. It also gave me more than enough time to get back to the room, shower, and to eat before check out. Despite being a little warmer than I'm currently used to, it was an absolutely perfect day to be outside:

Then I said goodbye to all of my friends from across the country, and to my own team who was heading to San Francisco for a few days. Ashley and I made the last-minute decision to rent a zip-car and to drive to Sausalito for the day, since our flight was not until 11pm (whyyyy did we do that?). We didn't have much of a plan other than to get there, and you know what? It was a pretty perfect day. We walked around Sausalito, had some amazing burgers, and thanks to the help of a chef as said burger joint, were able to find the best views of the city.

Following our jaunt in Sausalito, we made our way to Tiburon to do a little more exploring. We got some amazing, organic (that means it has to be healthy, right?) ice cream and took in as much sunshine as we could get before making the drive back to Berkeley to drop off the car before heading to the airport. It was a relaxing and fun day that I definitely needed to prepare myself for the second red-eye flight in as many weeks.

See you next year, Berkeley! I loved reconnecting with my LUNA Chix from all over the country, and also spending time with my teammates. We're all so busy during the season that it's hard to find time to see one another. And next year, I AM NOT TAKING THE RED EYE. Mark my words. I did not sleep for more than 3-4 hours for days after returning and I'm still feeling the effects. No. More. Red. Eye. Flights.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

juice fasts: how to reconcile feelings of ultimate, superior health while simultaneously fighting the urge to murder your coworker for a cupcake.. and other fine tales

I find the idea of juice fasts pretty fascinating. I've read about them, and a few of my friends have done them for varying lengths of time. I also know that there's tons of information out there that says it's a total load of crap, that it's full of sugar, and that you aren't doing your body a lick of good. Regardless, about a month ago, I came across a Living Social deal for a juice cleanse and sent it to my coworker to discuss. Our gchat conversation went a little like this:
danielle: you're doing this??
me: would i die?
me: do you want to do it with me?
danielle: i did a 3 day juice cleanse once
danielle: i definitely felt miserable
danielle: and like dying
danielle: but afterward i felt like pure energy
danielle: i felt awesome
me: well, if we BOTH did if we could be miserable at work together  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

if you go to san francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair (and eat at in-n-out)

I was in California for a work trip this past Sunday to Wednesday night. It was exhausting and a whole lot of work on the ground. It may be only a three hour time difference, but it sure does mess with my body's internal clock. I did manage to squeeze in some fun while I was there. I worked very closely on this event with my friend/coworker, so we spent a lot of time together during the trip. Our first order of business after getting off the plane and checking into the hotel:

I've been to San Francisco a few times now, so I've done all the touristy things. We spent the day exploring, eating frozen yogurt, and buying some very fancy fresh-pressed juice. I tried to go to bed early since I knew that it would be a very long few days. I woke up on Monday feeling tired, but thrilled to be out of the frozen tundra of Boston. My hotel was fairly close to the Embarcadero path and I decided to head out for a quick run. I got in about 3.5 miles before I had to head back to my hotel to get ready for the day. But not before snapping a some breathtaking pictures:

Friday, March 28, 2014

race recap: nyc half and the time i almost pooped my pants at mile 12 because i make poor choices

Half marathon #12 in the books!

j2 and I drove down to Queens after work on Friday (March 14th). The plan on Saturday morning was to hit the race expo, and then to meet Natalie and Lori to eat. First up: the expo. I've never run the NYC half before, and for some reason I just assumed the expo would be just a huge and crowded as the one for the Marathon. It was in a much smaller location, with fewer booths, but it was definitely just as crowded. Just as we were about to walk out, someone at the Skechers booth told us that Meb was on our way and that the line was short if we wanted to wait. Sure, why not, right?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

525,600 minutes: how do you measure a year?

I feel slightly grown up these days. I'm 30, and j2 and I are MOVING IN TOGETHER COME SEPTEMBER (what the whaaat?!), and I'm even considering working with a financial planner. There's a big difference between j. now and the j. who once woke up with parmesan crusted hair after because she fell and her hair landed in the gutter (magical, right?). As ridiculous as it sounds, I used to think that I'd have a total breakdown when I turned 30. But as I approached my thirtieth, I felt incredibly happy about where I am in my life, and j2 has been a big part of everything. I'm even looking forward to the coming years, about where life will take us, and what will come next.

So, happy anniversary (plus one day) to j2 who always orders double cheese and no sour cream when we get nachos because he knows that sour cream makes me want to die and that cheese is the best thing in the world. Happiest of days to the man who took me on vacation to Cancun and ended up with a terrible sunburn on most of his body and spent multiple hours being sick in a bus bathroom when he would have preferred to be fishing somewhere. Here's to j2, who challenges me to be brave, and allows me to be the wackiest version of myself that I can be. Here's to many more happy days and exciting adventures.